Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Belgium - visit Atomium (image heavy!)

Yesterday I went with my dad to Brussels and visited the expo about Tutankhamon and the Atomium. As I took lots of pictures of both I decided to give them both a post of its own.
This was my first time visiting the Atomium, I had seen it a few times but never entered it.  This was build for the Expo '58 (Brussels World's Fair) when Belgium was the host.

View from the highest sphere.

View on Mini Europa. If you look carefully you can spot the Colosseum, the Big Bang and some other things.

This was the view from the elevator we had to take to the highest sphere. It was quite spectacular!

Model of the Atomium.

Getting from one sphere to another one. Some were regular stair cases, others were escalators. On both I felt a bit unbalanced, don't know why...

There was an exhibition about immigration with some really nice art pieces, this is one of them.

At the end there was a little shop with offcourse Belgian Chocolates and ...

 Maracoons!!!!! There were 17 kinds, 5 for 3,50€ Which I thought was a good price!

 I bought passion, raspberry, cassis, chocolate and vanille, the passion one is gone already ^^'

As evening dinner we went back home and had dinner at 'Den Historiek', a lovely restaurant. I always have a hard time choosing what to eat. This time I went for Fettuccine Boscaiola, pasta with bacon and mushrooms.
Which tasted very good!

This was a lovely day ^^

Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm back!

Hi everyone!
I'm back from my musical-internship ^^
It's was really so much fun and nice to see a part of people from last year and meeting some fun new ones!
Like I said before, we played Peter Pan, and I got the part of Mrs Darling, the mother of Wendy, John and Michael (the kids that Peter Pan takes of to Neverland) which was quite a fun part to play ^^
Pictures/drawings will follow ^^

I found something on the internet called Pinterest, if you know, it's something like that only easier to work with I think :) You can make your own boards and pin images you find on the internet to those boards.
My boards so far are Architecture, Lolita, Lolita coords, Inspiration, Random Fashion, Tutorials hair & make-up, Tutorials craft, Tutorials jewelry, Fandomness, Organizing, Food, Books and Words of Wisdom.
If you have an account, you can always leave it in the comments below and I'll follow you ^^
My account is : Feel free to follow me too :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quote 5

Without music life would be a mistake. 

~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche~

Friday, August 19, 2011

Musical Peter Pan

I'll be gone from now until Friday on a musical internship, like last year,
if you remember my posts about Whistle Down the Wind (part 1 - part 2)
I don't have any posts scheduled for this week but here are some blogs which are really interesting to read: : diy - tutorials - reviews - deco - homecrafts : diy - tutorials - homecrafts : deco - lolita : diy - fashion

Hope you all have a nice week!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sophie & Toffee Review 2#

And here's another Sophie & Toffee review.
Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Sophie & Toffee, but I will give my honest opinion on these products.

First up,
Rhinestones, pearls, 2 cups, a little cabochon sweet and clay.

Grace clay (click), after using it one time

The explanation on the website says "to either warm the clay in hot water or with a hair dryer before use". I'd recommend using a hair dryer, it goes much faster to heat up the clay and won't make a mess (I spilled water everywhere ^^') And make sure it's warm enough or you'll have trouble piping it, or even getting it through the piping tip and make a mess (again).

Chocolate cake cabochon (click)
It's cuter than the pictures ^^

Clear Scallop cup (here and here)

And lastly the pearls (I love pearls!!)

Cream White Oval Faux Pearl (click) and Pink Half Pearls Cabochon (click)
Some of the pink ones have dark spots on the back but they aren't noticeable when used.

Cream White Half Pearl Cabochon (click) and Pure White Half Pearl Cabochon (click)
The cream ones are really small! Perfect to fill up spots in your design. Some of them are stuck together but are easily broken loose.

Red Half Pearl Cabochons (click) and Black Half Pearl Cabochon (click)
The colours of these two are wonderful, especially the red ones, it's even more cherry red in real life than on the picture.

Sophie & Toffee  gave me a code for my readers, so if you like to order from them, fill in VALERIE10 and you'll get 10% of your purchase. Oh and they also have a mailing list where they organize different sales and discounts so be sure to subscribe to that too if you like

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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Remember the items I received from Sophie & Toffee?
Well I deco-ed something with them, quite a while ago but I recently took some pictures to show them to you guys.
This used to be a white old smudgy mirror from my mum which was laying in her bedroom as long as I can remember. I took it, cleaned it, sanded the outside and painted it black.
Then I deco-ed it, the big button and the white rhinestones are from Sophie & Toffee, the flowery things are scapbooking supplies where I pulled off the white sticky thing in the back and applied them with two component glue. This will be a gift for my mum.

And another mirror, this one began as a silver piece but also painted it black after sanding it. The sanding is very important 'cause else the paint won't stick to the plastic or metal you're about to deco. And it will result in stripes of the underlaying colour coming through and your paint will be gone after a while.

(I took this picture just a minute ago, as you can see it's a bit dirty, I took it with me to sea so sand everywhere :D)
Sophie & Toffee  gave me a code for my readers, so if you like to order from them, fill in VALERIE10 and you'll get 10% of your purchase.

New comment system!

I'm back from my holiday! ^^ It was fun! I'll show you some pictures if I have time.
Someone notified me that you couldn't comment on my posts anymore, I tried to fix it with intensedebate but it didn't work, I could never see the "comment" button. So I changed to disqus but I forgot to do something ...
I deleted the accound on intensedebate and with that all of the comments everyone left on my posts T_T
This is so sad as I loved reading comments on older posts :'(
But I hope the new comments system works fine, if not, you can always let me know by email.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quote 4

You think beautiful girls are going to stay in style forever?
 I should say not! 
Any minute now they're going to be out! 
Then it'll be my turn! 

~Fanny Brice in the film Funny girl ~

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Easy cooking: Italian chocolate cake

When we were at a meetup a friend of mine made this cake, an Italian chocolate cake which was heaven! I asked her how she made it and she said she just googled the words 'italian chocolate cake' which I did too. I found some recipees and one of them was this one (in Dutch), which I thought was quite good and decided to translate it into English adding some variations. Made this cake for my mothers birthday party and everyone who had a piece said it was good but heavy. So perfect to have after a light lunch ;)

for 1 cake with a diameter of 24 cm
  • 200 gr dark chocolate
  • 100 gr butter
  • 6 spoons of milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 150 gr white sugar
  • 50 gr of flour
  • 1.5 teaspoon of baking powder
How to:

- Heat your oven at 180°C.
- Melt the chocolate with the butter and milk au bain marie (take a look at the alternatives image :) )
- Stir until you get a nice smooth mixture.
- Divide the eggs. (If you're not confident in this, split every egg into another little bowl. If you get yoke in your eggwhite it will be more difficult to whip the egg whites stiff) so yokes in one bowl and egg whites in another one. light darked yellow.
- Slowly add in the chocolate mixture with the eggyokes and sugar.
- Mix until you get a smooth mixture again.
- Add the flower and the baking powder and mix with a wooden spoon
- Whip the eggwhites stiff
- Add them with a wooden spoon to the chocolate batch and mingle with a wooden spoon, slowly.
 (you're adding air to the mixture :) )
- Take your tin and add butter and flour, or add a baking sheet so your cake won't stick to the tin.
- Pour the batter into the tin and bake for 35 minutes, no minute longer of the inside will get hard and you want it to have a soft chocolate spongy feeling
- Let it cool
- Get your icecream and enjoy ^^

Onto the pics!
I bake 2 cakes, this is after the party and what's left :)
It's crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. You can compare it with the density of a brownie.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Egl craft exchange: received!

A while ago I joined EGL exchange (a swap for lolita-items), this time you could choose out of 3 categories to join, free for all, artwork and crafts, I joined the last one. We were paired up with three, like a round robin and I got my package last week from Sakurasheff (if you're into lolita, please take a look at her blog!)
Sakurasheff made me a hat and a pair of wristcuffs. They are so lovely! and in my favourite colourcombo, red - black ^^ I was going to make myself a pair of all black wristcuffs if I could find some nice lace but now I don't have to anymore C: Every cuff has a chain with a different pendant on ^^.

The hat has a black silk rose, feathers, red lace, black netting and 2 hair clips ^^

(I'm going to start working with 'cuts' so it will be faster to load the whole page and read the posts you like to read without loading all the pics of the posts you don't want to read :) so please click on Read more to continue this article ^^ )

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick update

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posting, as it's vacation now for me, me being on my laptop is quite rare ^^'
I'm going to try and post more, I do have some posts that I need to finish, like adding pictures and such, for the next days. I made a painting, got items from an exchange and have an Sophie and Toffee review ready!
I'll probably be on vacation next week, we're going to sea ^^ So hopefully I have some nice pictures to show you after that ;)
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!