Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trainstation of Antwerp

Belgium has one of the nicest trainstations in the world, if I may say so!
And it's in Antwerp. I visited Antwerp last Friday to see the new Alice In Wonderland musical, 
the first musical with a 3D background, in the world. And it was cool to see. Very cute and catchy songs ^^.
We went there by train and arrived in this station, now I can see it's one of the loveliest in the world, but you have to see for yourself ;) 
This is the outside.

Dome on the inside, in the place where you can get your tickets.

And the place where the trains arrive and leave.

What do you think? 
Perhaps you recognize it from the flashmob doing the song do re mi?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Photograph Friday

We're having an aweful weather here in Belgium, it looks and feels autumn here brrrr
To get back that summery feeling a picture of a flower I took when we still saw some sun in our sky.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First dress and first time working with stretchy fabric!

Project Title: Hot pink 2 piece dress
Project Start Date: 25th of June
Planned Finish Date: none
Actual Finish Date: 27th of June
Did you make changes from original plan? Nope.
Did you discover something you want to share? Sewing hems with stretchy fabric is a pain when your sewing machine won't do the stitches it supposed to do and you don't have a needle specifically for stretch fabrics.
Pattern used: Pattern from the sewing magazine 'Knippen mode', June version of 2011. You know, if you'd like to sew but don't want to spend money on pattern (here they cost like 6€ for 1) go to your local library or the bigger ones and you'll definitely can find some sewing/crafting magazines for free ^^How happy are you with the result? 95% If the hem lines wouldn't roll up, I'd be 100% happy ^^
the oneshoulder dress

the one shoulder dress with the extra toppart on top.