Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally some crafting done!

Whoosh, it's been a while since I crafted due to school but now it's vacation so crafting awayyy.
I'm making a dress which will be shown when it's finished (first time working with stretch fabric and I don't like it!) but today I wanted to show you something made from a book.
A book wreath made with this tutorial. I used the pages from a fairytale book I bought to turn into a book purse (which I still have to do) and hot glue. There are still enough pages left to do another one ^^.

In progress and full pictures under the cut ^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Present ^^

Last week, Mini Mo from Sweet & Tiny (which was featured on my other blog, All about deco this week)
had contacted me and said she wanted to give me something. Oooh I was curious ^^
Then it arrived! Turned out it was a bracelet and some chocolate. I absolutely love the bracelet and I have been wearing it from the day I got it ^^
It's hard to capture but I tried my best, it's pink and blue pearls between bigger beads that have a blue core. I love pearls! The clasp is really cool too!

better view of the clasp

And the chocolate. As you can see I opened it already ^^.

Today I went shopping with my best friend 'cause yesterday I had my last thing to do for school! So yay vacation ^^ I also did some crafting in the weekend (and burned myself ^^') which I'll show you once it's finished. Really easy and a great result. 
Have a nice day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Photograph Friday

Exams are finished! whoozaa! lol. And I want to start again with Photograph Friday, I'll try to take a nice photograph every week for you to see.
This week it's from my newest obsession, lolita, a Japanese style fashion based on the Victorian era.
I did a photoshoot a couple of weeks ago to help out the sister of a friend who's an photographer.
And so here's a photograph she took of me, and I LOVE it!
She made a very beautiful picture!

Photography by Noura Khenfi 
My outfit:
skirt: made by me
shirt: DiDi
Wristcuffs: both made by me
Fan: handmade by nuns ^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick Update

Hi everyone!
On Monday I had my big end-presentation (well actually two) from two of the biggest projects this year.
I think it went well, let us hope for it :) For one of these we had a jury that consisted of 7 people, that's right, ZEVEN. Who are all standing around you, looking at your 4 A1 papers and asking questions, offcourse all at the same time. I made quite some little errors in drawing and forgetting things, but if you've worked 4 nights 'till 4-5 am or haven't slept at all, that's possible ... I'm glad it's over and now I can start to concentrate for my exams, but I still need to finish a paper about an architecturestudio, I chose So-Il, 3000 words needed. I now have 1.900 words so aaaallmost there ... than on the 11th of June I have my first exam, and another one on the 16th. After that, I have one more thing to do and that's defend the paper I have to finish for Monday.
Oh well, we're almost there! =D

Oh! Another thing which I haven't mentioned before is that I have a Tumblr account, where I post random photo's I find around the net which interest me, from crafts to architecture to lolita to photography. If you want you can follow it here 

If you have exams the following weeks too, Good luck and don't forget to take a break from time to time, but I imagine since you're reading this, you're already doing that :D Oh and if you're already over your break, go back to your books, now! (I know I have troubles with sticking with my schedule so ^^')
If you don't have exams, Have a nice week!/month!/ ...
Bye! x