Saturday, April 30, 2011

I want! - dreampieces

Ooh it's been a while since I've done a post like this =)
So I want to show you some of my lolita dreampieces:
in no particular order:
For people who know more about lolita, I'm think I'm more of a classic lolita, I really don't like OTT (over the top) sweet prints and love black vs colour combinations.

BEAUTY AND THE ROSE PROMISE PRINT JSK from Baby the stars Shine bright

PINTUCK TIERED JSK from Metamorphose

WILD ROSE SKIRT from Putumayo


RECITAL JSK from angelic pretty


(all pictures are from hellolace)
As you could see from this list, I'm, well, quite a lover for red :D My two starter colours are red and black ^^

About the blog, I cleaned my tags up a bit. Hope it's easier to find posts your interested in this way.
For the next weeks I'm going to be very busy, but I'm going to try and post some things, like 1 photograph posts or a quote post or something. You'll see :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Nail essence stuff

I bought these some while ago and wanted to test them a while before doing a review

Nail Polish corrector pencil
I was eying this on ebay but came across this in a shop and bought it to try. Shops are just more accessible than ebay is. I think you can get 4 or more on ebay for the price of this one. It cost € 2.99 which I thought was a bit much. It comes with 3 extra tops for your pencil.

What I really don't like about nail polish remover is the smell... some like it, well I don't. This one on the other hand hasn't got that smell, it has a sort of fruity smell. After using it, I looked on the pencil and it says: "cherry fragrance" so that's what I smelled. ^^
It's really easy to use and perfect to swipe up your mistakes when you're doing French manicure.

Overall thought: Great, a bit too expensive so in the future I'll buy them on ebay.

Click & Colour
The description says: 'just click top of pen to dispense colour, brush on and go!' So I did! Had to click a lot of times before I saw colour dweeping into the brush though.

I bought the colour 02 Vivid Violett.
When I finished applying it, I touched my nails and it was dry already! That was really fast! In comparison with a normal nail polish brush, you use a lot more polish than with this brush, that's why it tend to dry faster, I think.
and this is the result. I applied it on the evening, didn't apply a topcoat to see how long it lasted.
The day after I already saw some crackles 'cause the layer of polish is very thin thus more breakable.

Here you can see it on my very own, very long nails ^^ (I'm so happy about them, can you tell? ^^)
These are only 1 layer.

As you can see on the picture, one layer isn't very opaque but I liked it so I left it like that.
After a few weeks I used it again and the polish in the brush had dried so it took a while before I could get new nail polish in the brush.

Overall thought: Easy to apply so great when you don't have much time, when you're on your way to somewhere or on trips. Needs more layers and

Nail cuticle oil:
Just some short remarks 'cause I didn't use this one so much, so;
Smells weird, applies easy but is a bit too runny ... for the rest, I don't really have much to say about this, if you see it on sale and have really dry cuticles, I'd say buy it :).

I'm also joining a group order for ELF so when the items arrive, you can expect a review about those too ^^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Featured at All about deco: Gentlemanbunny

This is a feature post at All about deco, my other blog. I know there are some people who like deco and such on here too so here's a quick preview and a link to the post ^^ .

First up in a series of feature posts: GentlemanBunny,
I have been a fan of hers for more than 1 year. She makes amazing little cute things,
one of her specialties is making little people from different movies and groups.
But I'll let her do the explanation.

1. Who are you and what do you do (decowise)?
My name is Päivi (or Shiri, or Gentlemanbunny as known in the internet world). I create tiny deco items using polymer clay. I usually sculpt miniature foods like cute cupcakes, cakes, sushi and make those into charms and jewelry (earrings, pendants, rings). But the sculptures are so tiny that they can also be used to decorate your phone or camera, for example.

Would you like to read/ see more? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

10/50: Finish torso with Pretex

Finally! It's finished. After *counts* 6-7 years. All it took was some cotton, Pretex, paint and a nice summer day to early in the year ^^
Pretex is a runny material that hardens, it's used to harden fabric and create sculptures. If you  mix it with sand or rocks you get a structure paste. Pretex is waterbased and doesn't harm the environment (which is a big plus!) I searched for a site in English about it but can't find it so perhaps it's only known in Belgium/The Netherlands as Pretex. This was my first time using it.
It all started with something like this
Than adding a layer of Pretex and a nylon pantyhose so it gives a rougher surface.
Try to imagine this, as I don't have a picture of this phase even though it has been standing around for 6 years (and came with me in a move)
After layering stripes of cotton drenched in Pretex, this was the pre-result
The rose ribbon you see around her chest was first blue-white ^^
For this messy phase I went outside, but the next one was very easy to do and didn't smudge as much so inside it was. (Plus the weather turned all around and we had a very rainy and cloudy day)

and after brushing with bronze paint and a very little golden paint.

What do you think?
My fingers are itching do start another one, I didn't think it would be so easy. If you like sculpturing and you see materials like this, I'd say give it a try! (and show me ;) )

Monday, April 11, 2011

First lolita skirt!

I listed this on the sew_loli forum so I'm going to cheat a little and copy my text from there ;)
Project Title: Red Rose Skirt
Project Start Date: 27th of March
Planned Finish Date: as soon as possible
Actual Finish Date: 8th of April
Did you make changes from original plan? Yes, I decided not to use lace, just a row of ruffles.
Did you discover something you want to share? I made lots of mistakes 'cause this was the first time adding ruffles to a skirt, inserting an  zipper, let alone an invisible one etc. Now I know that I don't need to ruffle the whole thing 'cause it gives a problem inserting the zipper, be sure to check if both sides are equal in length. Had a problem with that ^^' And zippers aren't as difficult as I thought they would be.
How happy are you with the result? 85, it's a bit to big on the waistline but I think I can do something about it.
There's 3 m of fabric in this skirt ... next time I'm going to use a bit less, lol :D
And you know what, this gorgeous fabric costed me only 5€ for 2m !! score! ^^

Close-up of the ruffles

Worn with a medium petticoat

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabric haul ~ Model~Day zero project

Like I said I went to the 'Stoffenspektakel' on Wednesday and found some really cute fabrics but I only bought two ^^', I do have some other fabric in my stash so that needs to be finished first :)
The black one is cotton, the pink one (very hot pink) is stretchy.
Than I also found some stretchy lace, black ribbon and zippers.

Remember the model I was talking about? This is it.
We made it with 6 people in around 12 hours.

 See the ruler on the left? that's half of a 25 cm one, so you can see the scale.

 All the facades are printed, cut out, pasted on cardboard and cut out again, leaving some sort of 3D effect ^^

And some more things that need to be striped through from my Day Zero Project List
13. Go to the dermatologist ~ went today
32. Don’t drink soda for a month ~ done in March
37. Don't drink chocolate milk for a whole week ~ done somewhere in February
80. Make myself a skirt ~ done today! Pics will follow!
84. See a musical (Oliver) ~ done in February
94. Go to Made in Asia ~ done see a previous post
99. Donate money to charity ~ done, money for Japan

And here's the smoothie I made yesterday, (well actually it's juice 'cause there's no yoghurt in there, but don't tell anyone ;) )

Tomorrow our singing class has an Easter concert, our public will be eating while we are singing. Oooh so excited! I'm going to sing Total Eclips of the heart, a song by Bonnie Tyler.
Think I'm going to relax now 'cause I'm very tired from our rehearsal this evening.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well if you look outside my window, you really can't tell anymore, but spring has started ^^
So I thought that'd be a good excuse to give my blog a little make-over.
Still working on it. I still need to make a header and change the buttons on the side but for now it looks fine to me :)
Remember when I posted about help_japan auction site. It has ended. I bought a quilted make-up case of storing sewing supplies ^^ and request different kinds of hot chocolate. Can't wait to show them to you when they get here! And that also means, I need to start my commission on the art-work I offered. The winner wants Pocahontas, so she'll get Pocahontas ^^ I love her! Next to Mulan, she's one of my favourites!
I think that's all for now, oh, while the rest of the class is on vacation to Switserland, I'm staying home. The trip is a bit too expensive if I want to save up for going to Japan. The assignment we got (we were with 6 that were staying here) was making a maquette. And we did, in one and a half day, so the rest of the week, we are free! jippy ^^ I'll show you a picture of our model somewhere this week.
Oh and tomorrow it's "Stoffenspektakel" in Hasselt. A gathering of fabric sellers and stuff, so I'm hoping to find some cute fabric to make a skirt or a jsk (jumperskirt). I'm almost finished with a skirt I started last weekend, tomorrow I'll have to buy a zipper and put it in. If it's finished, I'll show it!
I'm going to enjoy some icecream now since I burned my tong on my dinner (hot pasta wasn't such a good idea after all ..., it was delicious though =D)
Byby x!