Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Contest on All about Deco ~ Reminder

Remember I posted a contest for a lay-out for my other blog & site,
Here's a little reminder ^^

How? That's simple, you are making us a header, background and button. (only if you like of course)

The prize? A featuring of your website/blog/Shop on this site which will last 'till your lay-out lasts.

The Rules:
- Deco-sweets and deco-den should be a part of your design.
- you can make this with paint, Photoshop, Paint shop Pro and every other program that's on the market.
For the header: 
- the max. width is 1350 pix.
- the max. hight is 300 pix.
- The text should be: All about Deco...
For the background:
- make it repeatable
For the button:
- The text should be: All about Deco
- It can be animated, that's up to you
- the desired measurements are 200 pix - 60 pix

If you are using other peoples photographs don't forget to ask them first!
You'll have 'till the 31th of December.
All entries will be sent to riechanster[at]gmail[dot]com

Belgium ~ winter!

The last 3-4 weeks Belgium has been taken over by Mr/Misses Snow... as in the rest of Europe.
All our traffic has been stuck, planes couldn't land or ascend, 1000 of people were stuck at the airport.
Because of that, for a moment it looked like I had to spend Christmas eve alone on my dorm with everyone else gone home ... The original idea was to take the bus home but on Friday morning, the radio news said: There is only 1 bus driving in our part of the country ... which later turned into none ... My mum couldn't come to get me 'cause of the weather either. So I was stuck... or so I thought ^^
Luckily my aunt and uncle are living only 10 min away and he wanted to come and get me!! That 10 min ride became a 45 min ride. And on Christmas day I arrived home, at last ^^

This is a compilation of some shots I took walking to school and some footage from the car ride.
Hope you enjoy the video ^^

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to organize ... earrings!

Finally my first post in the 'How to organize' series ^^ Hope you'll like it!
Since I only have my pierced earrings for one year, I don't have to deal with a whole lot of earrings gone missing or breaking. Simply because I don't have that much earrings yet and because I made myself something to organize them. It's easy, not expensive and best of all you can do it yourself!
Here's a list of great tutorials I found online and want to share with you.
As you maybe remember, I made one myself out of a old record plate, the tutorial can be found here

On cut-out and keep, I found ...
these cute earring displays by Beth Millner, simple and great for all of your long dangling earrings.

An earring hanger from an picture frame by Jennifer.

and for the arty people this Van Gogh inspired ear by Tissuepapers A.,
how original!
Now turning to craftster
If you're not that into working with fabric or wire, why not popsicle sticks and glue!
This is earring holder is made by lilpunko2. How clever ^^

Here's another one made from a bulletin board, made by FarnsWorth. She uses ribbon to hold the earrings in place! 

Want to reuse even more?
How about an earring holder made out of pantyhose and an old shoebox?

How do you store your earrings? Let me know, please!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Junque Journal ~ Update 2

How was Christmas for anyone? Got any nice presents and had fun with your family?
We decided to give our present with New Year because of no time to buy any presents ^^;.
I did now though! Can't wait to give them and see what they think ^^
Last weekend I worked on my junque journal and made a little film as an update.
Yesterday I worked on it too so expect another update soon ^^.
Let me know what you think!

oh! for the ones that maybe missed my previous post about my junque journal and have no clue what it is,
you can read about it here

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I'm bahack! Missed me?

Tried out the new Photoshop CS5, trial version ^^ I love the different kind of brushes you can use ^^

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi guys!
I have seen there are some new readers here, so welcome! Hope you enjoy my posts ^^
Oh and thanks for everyone who has voted in above form, and if you haven't yet, please do!
With your opinion I can make this blog better and more enjoyable for you!
On another case,
as you may have noticed Friday has passed without a Photograph Friday.
School is taking up a lot of my time, all of my time really... so I'm putting my blog on a hiatus.
I'm not going to make any posts 'till Christmas day, I won't be reading any blogs either.
Okay, maybe a couple... ^^;

Please enjoy your stay here with perhaps reading some of my older posts or some of the interesting blogs in my sidebars ^^
See you again soon!

ETA: On top of all this work, my laptop crashed T_T Hopefully I will be able to recover my documents or else it's byby pics and things ... T_T

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deco! Pens and cellphone

This weekend I was a bit sick of my boring silver parker pens and I thought they needed some glam.
Enter mister epoxyglue and misses rhinestone ^^
I used two types of rhinestones, I used two bigger shiny rhinestones which I bought from Sophie & Toffee, the other ones, the smaller ones, are actually coming from a shirt with rhinestones on them. My mum didn't want that shirt anymore so I chopped off all the little stones ;)

And I redid my cellphone, really quick though. It's the same as before but I added a little kokeshi sticker
and because the jewels and things from last time were still sticking together, I just glued them back on there. Quick and easy ^^.
Without flash
 With flash

How does your cellphone looks like? Do you have any stickers or jewels on it?

Monday, December 6, 2010

November Birthday Swap 2010 ~ Received

There's one swap on craftster that I love doing and I have been doing it for 3 years now,
the November Birthday swap! 
If you are a november baby you can join in, post your wishlist and send each other gifts!
How nice is it to give and get presents ^^ 
This year I got claimed by Bhean for "steampunk things" 
And this is what I got!

Everything, she sent me paper with cool equipement on them, jewellery trinckets and arrows of a clock!

I <3 the card she sent me! It's handmade by women in Bangladesh (if I recall correctly,... I forgot the card back home...)

Close-ups of the jewellery things
Can't wait to make a steampunk inspired ring and pendant!
I normally don't like skulls but I have to see this one is awesome ^^

Love the featherthingies and the clockparts!

Thankyou very much bhean for this wonderful package ^^ !
I was planning on including the things I sent too but I can't find any of my photographs so that's for another day ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Photograph Friday

Snow! Belgium is under the spell of snow for a almost a week now.
Yesterday morning I stepped outside to go to school and everything was quiet.So so quiet!
I loved the feeling ^^
This is my view out of my window

and this is a picture form when I was walking to school today.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Forever 21: a sneak peak

(Disclaimer: I'm just interested in their clothes, they didn't offer me any money to make a post about them, just my honest opinion!)
You've maybe seen it on my twitter account, I just found out that Forever 21 is coming to Europe and Belgium in springtime!!
None of these close-by off course. One store in Brussels (our capital) and another one in Antwerp.
Can't wait to visit that shop!
I went to their site and thought I'd post the things I really like!
(all following pictures are from Forever 21)