Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Awesome Sailor Moon Swap: sent

I thought today needed some Sailor moon ^^, for the ones that don't know Sailor Moon,
she's one of the most awesomest of all superheroes who tries to save the world!
Some pictures from Sailor Moon

And on craftster, there was a sailor moon swap so I decided to join. Well actually I have been asked by my partner to join together ^^ I had never got a request before to be a partner ^^. We have been talking about this swap since June. She had one big love in the Sailor Moon series and that was Kunzite, the most baddest of the badguys. So my craft package turned a bit into a Kunzite love package ^^.
(I forgot my camera that weekend when I had to sent out so these are pictures taken by Ruby Copperhead and me on cam)
Everything together, in the hearty-bag there are cuberdons, Belgian candy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Photograph Friday

Ooh! It's Friday already, time flies ... Hope you enjoyed my review from Tuesday :).
I need to baby-sit on my niece and nephew this afternoon and evening, well they aren't actually babies anymore, ... 10 and 14 so :D But still, we're going to craft and watch a movie. Think it will be fun ^^
Onto the Photograph of this Friday

This is the church in our town. This photograph is taken on the last beautiful summer day, than autumn came spying on us and now it's cooooold...
I love this kind of photographs, used the same technique on this one too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drama Review: Beethoven Virus

Beethoven Virus

Korean drama
Episodes: 18
Year: 2009


Kim Myung Min as Kang Gun Woo / Kang Ma Eh (conductor) - also in White Tower
Lee Ji Ah as Du Ru Mi (Violin) - also in The Legend
Jang Geuk Suk as Kang Gun Woo (trumpet) - also in You're beautiful

Lee Soon Jae as Kim Gab Yong (Oboe)
Hyun Jyu Ni as Ha Yi Deun (Flute)
Song Ok Sook as Jung Hee Yun (Cello)
Park Chul Min as Bae Yong Gi (Trumpet)
Jung Suk Yong as Park Hyuk Kwon (Double Bass)

Classical music, Romance, Genius, Friends,


Kang Gun Woo is a famous maestro who's also know as the orchestra killer. He can't stick to an orchestra for longer than six months due to his very high expectations. But his arrogant and self righteous attitude won't help either... Du Ru Mi has to start up a new orchestra 'cause of the old one dissolving, and let Kang Gun Woo just be the conductor that Du Ru Mi has found to be the new maestro. He gets the shock of his life when he sees what kind of people are in his new orchestra, violist Du Ru Mi who might loose her hearing, trumpeter Kang Gun Woo (the good one) who turns out to be a musical genius, a house-wife, a senile old man, school girls, men who plays at cabarets, pop violist, ... With their obvious differences, Kang Gun Woo makes the orchestra's life a living hell, but on their journey, full of love for music and hope, even Kang Gun Woo has learned some new things about life...
and do I see there little bits of romance?

What do I think?

Mind you, I watched this with a gigantic pause. I started watching in June, than my summervacation came (and I don't watch any anime/drama during my vacation, I know, weird hu :D) and in October I started watching it again, which gives maybe a other view as when I watched the series in 1 month.
But nevertheless; this is one of my favourite K-drama's so far.
I love the way they combine lot's of different story lines. In most drama's I see 1 main story line and 1 smaller one but here you have the main story line, plus 4 smaller storylines.
I only know one other drama that counters the classical music scene, which is one of my favourite Japanese drama: Nodame Cantabile. If you know this series, Beethoven Virus is a bit like this Nodame only a lot less crazy. Beethoven virus focuses less on the music but more on the relations between people.
And I have yet another actor-crush ... I LOVED Kim Myung Min as Kang Gun Woo (the bad one), at first you hate him, than you start to love them and than hate - love - and in the end you don't know what you must feel for him. He did a marvelous performances as the eccentric, self-centered conductor. Another one of my favourite actress was Hyun Jyu Ni, playing Ha Yi Deun.
I really liked the way they handled the music in the series, through-out the rehearsals and the dialogues.
One of my favourite classical songs from this series is Faures Pavane from but in the version of Gun Woo (the good one).
This drama has given me some "awww", "How could you?", "Go on!!! Get her!!!!" and "teary eyes" moments.
When you love drama with romance, friendship or don't know what to watch, I'd say watch this one! You don't even have to like classical music, but I bet when you finished this, you'll love it ;)

In one sentence
The good one ... or the bad one?

Riechan's values:

Music: 10/10
Acting: 9/10
Story: 9/10

Happy wappy: 10/10
Fight: 2/10
Blood and Gore: 0 /10
Tears: 7/10


Want to see?
Beethoven Virus @Drama Crazy

Was this review useful to you? Let me know!
I'm thinking about doing a review once every two weeks, anyone agreeing?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kiwi's Blogger Follower Swap #2

I'm in another swap on swap-bot ^^ and also this one is for bloggers.
I love reading blogs and meeting new people so this is perfect!
If you are interested in this too, you can always check out swap-bot. You can always ask me if you have questions or some problems.
So, in this swap, I'm getting 5 partners and they just have to read my blog, comment on this post, follow me. That's it :)
(I love comments, so feel free to leave comments on my other posts as well, ha ^^)
That's it for today ^^
Tomorrow will bring another post! with a review! that's been a long time, oops ^^;

See you tomorrow! and Hi partners!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Give-away package received ^^

I got it!! It, being the give-away package I won from The Fashionate Traveller's give-away. It arrived on Wednesday but I couldn't open it until Friday when I returned home from my dorm. It got here very fast ^^ yay for fast mail whoot!
Onto the items.
I got a skirt from Dangerous Nude/Kera collaboration tutu skirt. I have been eying clothing from Dangerous Nude before, so this is so cool! ^^. It's a little to small though ... but I'm working on that ;)

And you know what? my mum likes the skirt! I was scared she would hate it, but she likes it :D She said: and now you have to go dancing ^^

Secondly, fake lashes! I have wanted to try these for so long, now I have some ^^ Can't wait to wear them! First have to find some good glue! (looked before but didn't found any good stuff)

Thirdly, a Lime Crime lipstick, I could choose between Orange and a pale Purple, and since purple is my favourite colour, you can guess what I choose. The lipstick itself is really cute!
the cover

And lastly, a top hat. Because I'm a bit too shy to wear such a large top-hat in public, she gave me her Baby, the stars shine bright mini top-hat which she never wore. Oh my! 

look! My first, brand, lolita item!!! I'm sooooo happy ^^

Thankyou very much The Fashionate Traveller!! ^^
If you are interested in Japanese or extreem fashion, you have to check her blog!
On another note, I bought a Dolly kei type skirt this weekend (plus a dress and a jacket :) )
I'll show you some time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I *heart* your blog part 1

A couple of days ago I told you about the "I love your blog" swap on swap-bot so finally here is my post about my partners. When I'm home, I often have troubles with blogger so that's why this post took so long. Sorry! (most of my others posts are scheduled ;) )

Author: Seren, an 40-something year young wife and mother with a fascination for hens ^^.
Blog: First up, I love her lay-out! One of the interesting things on her blog is a 100 books list which she wants to finish reading this year. Her stories about her hens are pretty funny too ^^

Create your own banner at!

Author: Rachel, a home-schooling mum who loves to craft.
Blog: She writes about her life and her crafts. Being a mom meaning she is very October! (you'll have to read her blog so find out what she is :D )
If you are interested in becoming a home-schooling teacher, this is your blog to be! 

Author: Better than Naked, an American woman who has a passion for vintage clothing and items.
Blog: She blogs about her vintage finds and handmade clothing and accessories. Another interesting things is that, on every Wednesday she hosts a give-away! Be sure to check them out! 

Author: Butt Naked Woman, first love her husband, second love crafting ^^, living in Singapore.
Blog: A blog about crafting. I loved her post about the Aranzi World Caravan. Love all the photographs she makes from crafty things.

Erica Lee

Author: Erica, a 23-year old girl who graduated in English Literature, loves to write.
Blog: She writes about fashion, blogging and everything she loves. I love her post about how to develop your own personal style and her 10 rules for better blogging. 

Place this button on your website!

Author: Only In Cambodia, a woman living by: serve first and it shall be returned. (a lovely saying)
Blog: A blog mainly about Cambodia. She posts articles, discussing these and adding her own opinion about them. Very interesting if you want to learn more about Cambodia!

Adventures with the Nowlings

Author: Carrie, a wife to a lovely husband and a mother to 3 gorgeous daughters.
Blog: She writes mostly about her family and all the adventures they find on their way through life. 

Author: Rachel, a girl living in Singapore.
Blog: Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy (such a wonderful phrase). Her recent post is about her decision quiting some of her bad habits.Every time she brakes that, she puts 1$ aside. I think that's a good thing! I'm wondering what those bad habits are :D

Author: Brooklyn, a home mom from 2, almost 3 kids
Blog: She writes about the crafts she tries, her swaps and some great etsy finds. She also has 2 shops on her blog, one for Couture and a craft shop.

All these blogs are wonderful, if you have some time on your hands, please check them out and leave a comment!

Photograph Friday

We had a nice warm, autumn day so we (my family) took a walk to the canal and I shot some pics on the way. This is one of them. I can't remember the name so if you know, please leave a comment ^^
Oh and be sure to vote on the right so I can see what you all want to see in the new posts.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Japanese Cooking: Mochi

Ever since I heard about Mochi, a Japanese sweet, I had to try and make it!
Just one problem... I didn't know how...
Then came Violet Le Beaux with her awesome tutorial and I was bound to make this!
But another problem arose ... I couldn't find any glutinous rice flour,...
As you maybe have read in a previous post, I found some! yay ^^ So I could finally try to make Mochi.
I'm not going to repost a recipe since Violet has one on her blog so if you want to try it, you have to head over there.
However, I do have some tips and tricks that could help :)
- I used less water than Violet said to get the honey consistency.
- When you take the the dough out of the microwave, it IS really gross but it gets better :D 
- If the dough is sticking to your fingers, take some riceflour in your hands and pad it.
- When colouring the mochi, do this BEFORE you put the dough in the microwave, not after ...
- It is a really quick and easy recipe.
- Don't forget to chew!!!!! Very important
- Don't give this to little children or older people!
- Violet makes Strawberry daifuku, but since it's very hard to make when you have no strawberries at hand (teehee) you can use other things, be creative!

Here are mine:

Some ideas:
- chocolate
- Gingerbread
- Speculaas (This is something only known in The Netherlands, Belgium, France I think)
- other fruits like apples, berries, cherries, pineapple, ...
- honey (not the runny kind 'cause you'll get honey all over your mochi and it will be very sticky)
- ...

Other recipes/fillings I found online:
- Green tea mochi with chocolate filling
- Mochi with peanutbutter filling
- Chocolate mochi with nutella filling
- Mochi filled with icecream

You know what makes mochi so special...
Every year there are 5 people who die from eating mochi, mostly older people or children (hence the warning above) 'cause the dough is very very sticky.
A picture to show you the stickiness and the elasticity

It's delicious though ;)

If you make this and someone chokes, it's not my responsibility. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I *heart* Your blog - swap

Now-a-days I'm doing some internet swaps over at swap-bot. You definitely have to check this site out if you like more of the internet/e-mail swaps or if you are on a tight budget. They host lots of swaps from ATC 'till quick swap 'till padded envelope swaps so for everyone something to there liking ^^

So now I'm in the I <3 your blog swap.
We have to make a button for our blog, read and comment on the blogs from our partners. Can't wait to get to know more bloggers and read more interestings posts out there!
I'm still deciding whether to make one post about each partner or 1 post for them all... I'll see :)
I'll see :)
Ooh! I made cupcakes today ^^ and mochi on Thursday, so expect some Easy cooking posts soon ^^

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clothing haul (Pic spam!)

I bought some clothes in the end of August and September but I never blogged about it, so I thought about doing now. Autumn is creeping up on us little country and I wanted to take another look at my new summer-dresses since I can't wear them anymore (or maybe with a good pair of leggings and a long tshirt ^^)

First up, a hat, heehee, I love the colour and the knitted cables.
 Summer dress n° 1:  I actually saw this in a clothingshop in the beginning of the summer vacation when my friend and I went shopping for sales. I loved it and tried it on but 40€ was a bit too much for me. (It was from the new collection) In August I went back to that shopping area and at the same store they still had those dresses and guess what! On sale for 10€, I bought it in an instance! Too bad summer is over now and I can't wear it just yet.

Summer dress n° 2: I actually photographed the back of it as I see now ... oops. This one has real boning in it! It's a strapless dress. Love the mitmatch of fabric

Summer dress n°3:

A flower/purple skirt, my niece (10) came up with this in a store and said that it was perfect for me.
isn't she sweet ^^

This is actually black, used the flash so you could see the knit. It also has a belt and it's actually a dress but I couldn't stand back far enough to get it all on the pic... hate having no big mirror.

a grey top (H&M)

A shirt (H&M)

I finally gave in and bought two pairs of skinny jeans. (H&M)

And as last, an autumny dress ^^ I LOVE those colours!! They are not as bright as they look

Hope you enjoyed this!
Oh! Don't forget to fill in the form on the right side for your opinion on my blog
(I changed the previous one, but it lost all the votes so if you had voted already please vote again)
aaaaannnddd I made a Facebook fan page ^^ You can now, like my blog ^^
See you tomorrow ^^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


On the 27th of September (I'm behind with posting *teehee*) I went to the "Boekenfestijn". This is a big event where you can buy different types of books which were piling up in storage spaces from bookstores and shops. You can also buy lot's of other stuff. There were 5 loooooong tables full of craft stuff ^^.
If you live in Belgium or the Netherlands, you should definitely check it out!
Every time I go there - I have gone there 4 times, two times in Hasselt, 1 time in Leuven and 1 in Brussels - I go with a pay-limit ... I never follow it... teehee ...
These are the stuff I bought.
2 cute postcards from Disney (25 ct € each), 2 birthday cards from Eeyore (isn't he cute!), a wax thing and stamp, a stamp : made with love, a container for beads or things and beads.

A close-up of the beads. I feel some cherry earrings coming ^^

Onto the manga, that's another thing why I love going there. (Almost) every manga costs 2.95 € which is in the contrary of 10 € a lot cheaper! The stupid thing is that you have to look through a whole table with layered manga which aren't organized ... It's fun searching though ^^ Most of the time there's a sale, like 4 + 1 for free but I think manga are becoming more and more popular here so it wasn't this time.
I bought 3 manga of Blade (read the first 2 already and it's good), the 2nd volume of Saiyuki, the 15th volume of Fruits Basket (really rare that you see those at this event because it's so popular) and the 1st volume of Dramacon (which I recommend !) Forgot to snap a pic of those...

Onto the real books. They also give out a free book coupon beforehand. After searching on the free books table I found a architecture book! yay ^^. Beside that, I also bought a Japanese style book and a book which contains lot's of houses from around the world. Perfect to find some inspiration ^^
I also bought a thriller/comedy called "De Seriemoordenaarsclub" or the Serial-killersclub. I always read a thriller when I have exams at school to set my minds on something else. Hope this one will do ^^

Next is a little Japanese/English dictionary. Really cheap and really useful if I go to Japan one day (hopefully!)

I also bought the entire work of Oscar Wilde for my brother but I'll steal it sometime and some giftbags for my mother.

Do you like to buy/read books? On this kind of event I can spend 3 hours just looking at books. I find it relaxing :D (and I skipped a good amount of tables too)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy and Happy

I'm fully working at my school tasks, I have to make a sewerage plan for "Installations" class (deadline is Thursday), for tomorrow I have to make a design with floor plans and sketches. Plus I'm also still working on the Sailor Moon swap. I had to send on Saturday but with moving from my home to my dorm I forgot some things that I needed to finish this swap. When I got home, I searched but didn't found them ... So I assumed they were on my dorm right the whole time... I came back to my dorm today and guess what ... they ARE at home! urgh that's really ... luckily my brother has class tomorrow (his school is right next to mine) and he's going to drop it off ^^. On top of that I also have a headache since Sunday morning..
On Friday I went to give blood. My very first time! My friends had done this a couple of times before and asked me to come with them. Everything went smooth but when they took the needle out of me, everything around me was turning white and becoming very very clear... I wasn't feeling well (I can't seem to find the right translation for this word, but I mean: appelflauwte...), just something to happen to me ^^:  I got a little heart key-chain and a little white backpack which means: pimpin' ! :D well actually my friends said: ooh it's white, now you can draw things on it and pimp it. I hadn't even thought about it :D 

On a happier note, remember the give-away at The Fashionate Traveller I posted about on the previous Picture Friday? I won!! Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^^ I'm super happy! You could win a skirt, tophat, lipstick and eyelashes. Can't wait to try them! ^^
You can expect pictures from my biking trip this week and from my Book-haul ^^

Oh and I also found another give-away with super cute stuff. Xwhlo is having an End of Summer Give-away.
Check it out here

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photograph Friday

oops, a day too late ... sorry

We're going to ride our bikes tomorrow in a very lovely area. I hope I can make lot's of nice photographs ^^
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

10/50 Rapunzel Scarfs + tutorial

Another thing to stripe of the list, a Rapunzel scarf.
This is really easy so make,
grab whatever left over of yarn, fabric and ribbon you have.
Snip of long enough strings. Remember to let them longer than you intend to want your scarf, I'd say half of it longer. Tie a knot, make three parts and start braiding, end with another knot
and tadaaa you have a Rapunzel scarf.
This is a great project for all your left-over stash, to little to make a large project but too much to throw away.
The first one I made, it's a little bit too short so I think I'm going to sell it or give away. I love these colours!

Close-up of the yarn

And the second one, lovely red/purples ^^ This one is looooong, which I like!

close-up of the yarn

I'm still thinking of whether or not I'm going to make mochi tonight ... I just did my nails and mochi will be veryyy sticky... guess I'll wait 'till next week!

Ooh! I forgot all about this, but The Fashionate Traveller is having her 1 year anniversary of her blog. To celebrate that, she is having a give-away! yay!
If you like alternative, gothic, and Tokyo/Shibuya/Harajuku fashion style – big top hats, big flouncy tutu skirts, luscious false lashes, unusual coloured lipstick…  you should check it out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mochi, here we come!

Another week of school is starting today, actually I had no school today (never on Monday, yay ^^) so basically it starts tomorrow... When I arrived on my dorm, I set my food and clothings in place and went to the library to return a book and got me some manga and 2 dvd's (Jane Eyre and Bridget Jones diary ... teehee) and I want to the Asian supermarket we have here in town. We don't have one where I live :(. Anyway... I finally found Glutinous rice flour!!!! Yay!! *insert happy dance*
I have been looking for that every where, I bought two packs of rice flour just to find out that they wouldn't work because there were gluten-free ... (although glutinous rice flour doesn't mean it contains gluten, I know, weird :D) You know, I have looked in that Asian supermarket before, but couldn't find it so I'm super happy I found it now! Can't wait to make mochi! yay ^^ I'm hoping I can make it this week, probably on Thursday and it not, next week!
Here it is!

Oh and another thing, I got mail today! A letter from Than Thao ^^ and a package full with nail-stickers which I'll explain to you somewhere this week ^^
I found out that I almost never make posts where I just talk about my day ... would you guys like more of those shorter "how my day has been" posts?
Now back to studying / waiting for a episode of Arashi no shiyagare to load ^^.
Have a happy (what's left of your) Monday!
(If you haven't seen my Photograph Friday post yet, be sure to check it out, it has cuteness ^^)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starting a Junque journal!

I found a tutorial a while ago on youtube about a Junque journal. It was the first time I heard about it.
So basically it's a composition notebook* which you paint/colour/glitter/… anything you want, where you can stick items in you found/want to keep but don't know what to do with them, basically the junk you've been
hording collecting for a long time.

Here's a list of items:
Cards from Birthday, weddings, ...
cards received through swaps
drawings from your kids (or yourself)
entrance tickets to events, cinema, amusement parks, museums, …
Tickets from train, bus, plane, …
Tickets from restaurant, cafe, … which you really enjoyed
Fortune cookie thingies
The list is endless

Items you can use to decorate your junque journal:
Old paint
Chinese ink

Here's mine so far:

I'll give you guys an update from time to time. I'm hosting a craft-along on craftster about this here
This craft is excellent to do in the evening listing to your fav music, relaxing from a busy day.

More videos with tutorials:

*If you don't have such a notebook, like I did, just grab a notebook with a hard cover.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Photograph Friday + Sale!

Today, you get a treat ^^. Not just one, or even two but *counts* NUMBER photographs!
About two weeks ago, I took a lot of pictures from Illa & Remco. Two dogs from my aunt.
Actually, Illa used to be from my grandma but when she died, and since my grandpa doesn't care so much for dogs, my aunt took it in. (My aunt luuuuuuuuves doggies).
Illa is a labrador female and 10 years old. Remco is a Golden retriever, male and 8 years old.
Hope you enjoy these ^^.



(I know the images of Illa are slightly too large but I didn't want to post them smaller or cut them off, srry)

BTW! Dawanda is heaving a sale 'till Sunday midnight European time and I'm participating. So if you like the things I have listed, you can get them now with a 15% off! Hope you visit my shop ^^